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Our Federal Budget Summary is here! Easy to read and money for many.

Our Federal Budget Summary is here! Easy to read and money for many.  There are many winners but a big win for superannuation as there were no negative changes! Federal Budget Summary

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New Super Changes from 1 July – August Newsletter

We are already more than half way through August and spring is just around the corner. Australians will all be hoping for brighter days ahead, as we contend with rising COVID cases in some states, sobering news on the economic front and positive legislation changes. We first take a look at the changes to superannuation…

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Why the price of gold has rallied over the past 3-6 months

Market Wrap Along with a recap of the markets in July, in our market wrap this month, we look into some of the reasons why the price of gold has rallied over the past 3-6 months.   Please click here to see our Market Wrap.

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August Economic Update Video – 2 minutes

Economic Update Video – 2 minutes This month’s update is now available and you can view our latest video here.  This video is a 2 minute review of last month’s economic developments and a quick summary of some of the key information.

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July 2020 Update

July is here along with the winter chill. But July also signals the start of a new financial year and chances are most Australians are happy to say goodbye to the last one. This year more than ever it’s a great time to plan your finances for the year ahead, to rebuild or make the…

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Liberal versus Labor: How they will tinker with your super

With the federal election less than a week away, many Australians are wondering how their nest egg will be impacted by the different policies.  With superannuation being a near $3 trillion-dollar pot of gold for the parties, we look at how the Liberals and Labor Party may tinker with your retirement plans. Adding extra to…

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How Labor can’t touch this multi-millionaire and their franking credits

There is one thing for sure in the lead up to this election – it seems everyone is getting fired up over refundable franking credits and they aren’t holding back on their criticism.  However, there is one thing I have learned over the last few months, and that is, that most still don’t understand how…

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December Economic Update

Your financial well-being and plans for the future can be impacted by various economic events, so below is a video to assist you to stay up to date with the latest indicators.  The economic news out of the US and in Australia was mostly positive in November, but that didn’t stop volatility in the markets….

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The winners and losers of the Federal Budget

Older Australians, First Home Buyers and Small Business are the clear winners from the Federal Budget, but the list of losers is long.  Treasurer Scott Morrison’s second budget may have been short and sweet but the bottom line is, taxpayers may all be paying more going forward. If you didn’t get a chance to watch…

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$1 billion of investments up for grabs – could it be yours?

Whether it is moving often, heading overseas or simply forgetting, Australians are losing track of their money and investments, with more than $600 million sitting in unclaimed bank accounts and a staggering $450 million in shares, ready to be claimed. It’s a staggering amount of wealth that could be checked easily with a quick search…

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Australians delay retirement by three years

Australians are delaying retirement by an average three years as cuts to the age pension and low interest rates force people to rethink their savings plans. A survey by research firm Roy Morgan conducted last October found that the average age of individuals planning to retire over the next 12 months was 61, up from…

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Changing of the Goal Posts for Self-Funded Retirees – How to make sense of the Changes to the Age Pension.

For many years, the Age Pension has been available to thousands of self-funded retirees who have sought advice around the generous rules and exemptions available and employed smart strategies to gain access to the Government Benefits, even with substantial superannuation balances. From 1st January 2017 however, the rules are being tightened! If you are currently…

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