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Australians delay retirement by three years

Australians are delaying retirement by an average three years as cuts to the age pension and low interest rates force people to rethink their savings plans. A survey by research firm Roy Morgan conducted last October found that the average age of individuals planning to retire over the next 12 months was 61, up from…

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5 Changes starting on 1 July

Olivia was interviewing on ABC Radio on some new changes starting on 1 July 2014. Listen here –   Source: ABC Radio

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What is your Age Pension age?

The Federal Budget this week has announced that from 1 July 2025, the Age Pension qualifying age will continue to rise by six months every two years, from the qualifying age of 67 years that will apply by that time, to gradually reach a qualifying age of 70 years by 1 July 2035. Check out…

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How much lost super is in your post code? $18 billion up for grabs!

There is $18 billion dollars of lost super in Australia. Ever wondered how much lost super is in your post code?  Check out your suburb below Postcode State No. of accounts Value of   accounts Average Balance 4000 QLD 2,617 $17,150,478.85 $6,553.49 4001 QLD 774 $4,240,050.11 $5,478.10 4002 QLD 15 $158,481.02 $10,565.40 4003 QLD 5 $525,446.09…

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Planning finances is women’s business

The sobering fact is that women are still not paid equally to their male counterparts, women’s super balances are falling way behind men’s and nine out of 10 Australian women don’t have enough super to fund their retirement. With 40 per cent less super than men, it’s no surprise that women are 2.5 times more…

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Olivia is back on the airwaves on ABC Radio – listen in every second Saturday at 11:45am on 612ABC

Olivia is back on the airwaves on ABC Radio with a new time slot for 2014. She joins Katrina Davidson every second Saturday morning 11.45am on 612ABC talking money.    

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Aspire Retire’s Olivia wins National Award

Olivia Maragna has won the inaugural Money Management/Super Review Women in Finance Services Awards’ Financial Planner of the Year Award. Now in the tenth year of owning and running her own practice, Aspire Retire, Maragna started her career in accounting and worked in large accounting and wealth management firms before founding Aspire Retire. This business…

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Money with Olivia Maragna on ABC Radio: Top tips for protecting yourself from scams

We’ve all seen media reports about ordinary Australians losing their entire savings after responding to a phone, email or mail offer that was impossible to resist. But while some people may be naïve, scammers are also getting smarter. Almost six million Australians are exposed to scams and frauds during any given year – so what…

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Boosting your retirement savings

Money with Olivia Maragna: Boosting your retirement savings on 612ABC Radio Brisbane real online casinos How much superannuation do you have?  How much superannuation do you need? When you start working you don't care about super, in the middle of working, you're too busy to care!  But all of sudden you're retiring, and then you…

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Money with Olivia Maragna on ABC Radio: Fixing your home loan

Most major banks swiftly decreased their interest rates, so is now the right time for you to fix your home loan? Australian Adviser of the Year Olivia Maragna from Aspire Retire, joined the program to explain.!

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Credit card debt hits $35 billion

Credit card debt is now sitting over $35 billion dollars in Australia which is an interest bill of over $6 billion each year. If you owe money on your credit card, you know that feeling of pain all too well. So how do you get that debt under control and keep on top of those…

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Tips & traps of salary sacrifice

You've probably heard of salary sacrificing, but how well do you understand it? write my paper You can use it to contribute to superannuation funds – even lease for motor vehicles. So, is it something that you should or shouldn't do? Financial expert and Australia's adviser of the year, Olivia Maragna from Aspire Retire Financial…

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