Nations Most Trusted Adviser


Co-founders Stephen Degiovanni and Olivia Maragna have been awarded a place on the Nations Most Trusted Adviser List.

Both Stephen and Olivia have been benchmarked, examined and tested to emerge on the prestigious list of only 33 advisers named across the country, an achievement in itself that two advisers from the same practice have made it to the list.

Advisers from an initial group of more than 150 advisers were chosen solely on the ratings provided by their clients which were gathered as part of an Independent Client Experience Survey and industry benchmarking exercises conducted by Beddoes Institute.

The findings from the Institute revealed that Trusted Advisers deliver significantly better outcomes to their clients and their clients believe they are more on track with their financial plan and are financially better off as a result of working with their adviser compared to clients of other financial advisers.

Trusted Advisers also rated higher on their qualifications, experience and technical skills than other advisers and have better interpersonal skills. The institute said that clients of Most Trusted Advisers are more satisfied and have stronger relationships with their advisers than clients of other advisers.

Congratulations to Stephen and Olivia and a big thank you to our wonderful clients who participated in the anonymous survey.

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