End of Financial Year Update and Strategies


After a long spell of milder weather, winter is finally here, but the upcoming federal election will be providing plenty of heat for the next few weeks at least. With significant changes to superannuation, business tax and negative gearing in the offing, the outcome of this election could also have a material impact on the investment strategies of many Australians.

The surprisingly wide-ranging changes to superannuation announced in the May federal budget are covered in the lead article of our Winter newsletter.

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, we also provide a guide to last minute actions that could help reduce your tax bill and boost your long-term financial security.

As anyone who has experienced a major life change can testify, navigating change can be challenging. Our final article provides some useful tips for when everything you know is turned upside down.

You can read our Winter newsletter online here.

Happy End of Financial Year!