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Liberal versus Labor: How they will tinker with your super

With the federal election less than a week away, many Australians are wondering how their nest egg will be impacted by the different policies.  With superannuation being a near $3 trillion-dollar pot of gold for the parties, we look at how the Liberals and Labor Party may tinker with your retirement plans. Adding extra to…

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$1 billion of investments up for grabs – could it be yours?

Whether it is moving often, heading overseas or simply forgetting, Australians are losing track of their money and investments, with more than $600 million sitting in unclaimed bank accounts and a staggering $450 million in shares, ready to be claimed. It’s a staggering amount of wealth that could be checked easily with a quick search…

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What to do if you win the lottery

By Olivia Maragna Some can only wonder what it’s like to win $55 million dollars but Queensland’s newest millionaires have had nearly a week for the news to sink in. Twenty-one state government employees shared a Powerball jackpot win last Thursday, pocketing more than $2.6 million each. But each will deal with the windfall differently….

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Five money mistakes to avoid in 2017

By Olivia Maragna More than half of Australians are resolving to save money this year according to a Galaxy Research study, with nearly 40 per cent of households doing so because they are “struggling a bit financially”. The bad news is that the most will fall short of achieving their goals and will likely make…

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