The Clean Energy Supplement has started


The Clean Energy Supplement has started

The clean energy supplement is an ongoing, automatic payment to help eligible households with any impact from the carbon price on everyday expenses.  This payment is a part of the Household Assistance Package.

Eligibility basics

  •   – receive an income support payment, pension or Family Tax Benefit
  •   – are residing in Australia

If you receive an income support payment or Family Tax Benefit from the Australian Government, the Clean Energy Supplement will be automatically added to your regular payment for:

  •   – pensioners and most income support recipients from 22 March 2013
  •   – Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders who receive Seniors Supplement and Pensioners who receive the Pension Supplement quarterly from 24 June 2013
  •   – Family Tax Benefit recipients from 1 July 2013
  •   – youth and most students from 1 January 2014, following a second Clean Energy Advance in July 2013.

If you are eligible, you will be paid automatically.  The amount of your Clean Energy Supplement depends on your circumstances and the payment you receive.


Source: Dept Human Services